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Under the calculation of Zhou Tian, the fish people immediately surrounded the place when they were sure that Zhou Tian was on the top of the extinct volcano. Of course, among them, the fish man is not without hesitation. After all, not long ago, only 10 billion members of their clan died under the eruption of the volcano, and now let them close to the volcano, these fish people are not afraid. But as Zhou Tian thought, ordinary volcanoes will not be approached by fish people in a short time. But because there is no reason to think that someone can make the extinct volcano erupt, in the face of the extinct volcano, the fish man's courage is still very big, just to determine the location of Sunday, but immediately launched an encirclement and suppression operation at that time. But those fish people do not know, although they can detect the whereabouts of Zhou Tian, but in close proximity, Zhou Tian's Taoism is to let it have a stronger intelligence gathering ability than those fish people. Although not deliberately to explore, but under the influence of Zhou Tian's ability, in fact, every move of the fish people, is indeed all fell into the line of sight of Zhou Tian, but the actions of those fish people are all in Zhou Tian's plan, so Zhou Tian is not a special move,stainless steel squatting pan, standing quietly in place, waiting for the arrival of those fish people. The action was quick, and I don't know if the fish people of Zhou Tian's plan were still there worrying about whether Zhou Tian would escape. So after determining the location of Zhou Tian, he hurriedly surrounded the volcano, and in a short time, he surrounded the sea area where Zhou Tian was. Seeing such a situation, Zhou Tian could not help frowning at that time. From the outside, the development of events is all in the plan of Zhou Tian,Flushometer valve, those fish people are close to the volcano, as long as Zhou Tian acts according to his own plan, when the time comes to take those fish people will not have any problem. However, the problem now is that although the reaction of those fish people did not become the worst situation, in fact, those fish people did not easily approach the volcano as Zhou Tian thought, but only surrounded the sea area of the volcano, and then separated a small number of members to rush towards Zhou Tian. Looking at the performance of those fish people, Zhou Tian could not help frowning at that time. Obviously, although the fish people were not scared away by the previous war because they were now in an extinct volcano. But because the place where it happened was also an extinct volcano, even though it was clear that all this was a coincidence, the fish people were still much more careful when they acted. Now according to the arrangement of those fish people, there is no doubt that Zhou Tian started his plan at this time, so the effect can not be said to be no. But according to the speed of the fish people, when the time comes, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Prison toilet for sale, it is impossible for Zhou Tian to leave all the fish people behind. Set up such a big battle, Zhou Tian is naturally hope that all the fish people will be taken down at one time, because after this war, it is estimated that the side of the fish people when the time comes is not to see what Zhou Tian did, also can absolutely infer the corresponding facts. In this way, then Zhou Tian again want to use such means to deal with those fish people, it is estimated that there will be no possibility of success. So, at present, there is only one chance to brush experience with volcano. How can Zhou Tian not want to do his best. Seeing that the fish people were not too close to the volcano, it was clear that there were already fish people running towards his position, but Zhou Tian finally hesitated for a while, and then gave up the original plan at that time. Since those fish people do not come over, then Zhou Tian will force them to come over. No matter how those fish people think at the moment, the purpose of their coming to this place, Zhou Tianyong also knows, nothing but to take him down. Since the ultimate goal of those fish people is to take him down, then Zhou Tian will not need to do anything else. As long as Zhou Tian lets the fish people who come to deal with him not take him, then the other fish people, no matter what kind of idea they originally had, will definitely come around to deal with him at that time.
And as long as the fish army is a little closer, Zhou Tian will have the confidence to leave them all under the volcanic eruption. In such a situation, Zhou Tian, who was supposed to escape into the interior of the volcano, stayed in place at that time, secretly watching the fish people swimming towards him. Strength is not weak! Only then did he turn his attention to the fish men swimming towards him, but Zhou Tian immediately saw the problem at that time. Although only a small number of fish people ran toward him, but Zhou Tian sensed that the breath of those fish people was quite strong. In terms of strength, it was estimated that those fish people had at least the strength of the Holy Land. Such a strong group of fish people, Zhou Tian estimated that it should be the elite power of the fish elders to deal with him! Have to say, depending on the strength of those fish people, if coupled with the strength of the army outside, as long as they are entangled with Zhou Tian, then there is still a glimmer of hope that Zhou Tian will be left behind. However, at the moment those fish people are obviously too confident, thinking that according to their strength will also be able to pose a threat to Zhou Tian, so rushed to find Zhou Tian, with the thought can also know, on their strength, want to take advantage of what in Zhou Tian's hands, that is absolutely impossible. If in the past, in the face of those fish people, Zhou Tian may need to pay attention to one or two. But now Zhou Tian, the strength has made considerable progress, according to his strength at the moment, although there are still some troubles in the face of those fish people, but want to win, it is not a problem at all. Now that he is sure to win, Zhou Tian is naturally not afraid of those fish people. Looked at the fish people who were getting closer and closer at random, but Zhou Tian just observed their situation,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, but then quietly closed his eyes at that time. In less than a minute, not long after Zhou Tian closed his eyes here, the fish people had already swam to his side at that time. cnkexin.com