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Waiting for the Wind and Waiting for You (Campus M (13th Jan 23 at 1:26am UTC)
"I don't care." When she listened to the two people bickering, she couldn't help chuckling. Sometimes, she really felt that the two people were actually quite children. Soon in the parking lot, Ji Huai reached out to help him open the car door. Just as he was about to get on the bus, Zhao Zhen suddenly stopped him. What's the matter "Ji Huai, come here. I have something to tell you." He was lying on the window. "What for?" Zhao Zhen was speechless. He hooked Ji Huai's shoulder and took him aside while despising him. "Do you want to protect the calf like this? What can I do to him?" Shi Yi laughed, and the man was a little shameless. Zhao Zhen hooked Ji Huai to his car before letting go. What? I'm not eating you again. Why are you looking at me so defensively? Zhao Zhen leaned on his car and glanced at him. Ji Huai put his hands in his pockets. "What can I do for you?" "Hey, Ji Huai, are you two really going to get married?" Zhao Zhen seemed to smile at the corners of his mouth. Ji Huai glanced at him and turned to leave. Well, I really have something to say to you. Zhao Zhen quickly reached out and grabbed his arm. I think if you really want to marry her, there are some things you'd better know. Ji Huai's eyebrows twisted slightly, "say." "Here's a cigarette for you." Zhao Zhen handed him the root. Ji Huai took a look and didn't answer. Zhao Zhen withdrew his hand, "you'll ask me for it later." When sitting in the car, brush the micro-blog, where the two people have been chatting for nearly half an hour, what are they doing. Just when she could hardly sit still, Ji Huai came back. As soon as he opened the car door and sat in, she smelled the tobacco on his body. Smoking? "Well,Nail machine manufacturer, I smoked one." Ji Huai's voice was hoarse. Ji Huai put in/put in the key and drive. He felt something was wrong. "What did that boy Zhao Zhen say to you?" Ji Huai looked at her sideways, some inexplicable emotions in her eyes flashed by, too fast, she did not catch. He reached out a hand and gently touched the top of her head. It's nothing. "Really?" "Of course, why did I lie to you?" Just out of the area is a traffic light, Ji Huai stopped the car, looked at the eyes with obvious doubts,wire nail machine manufacturers, suddenly poked his head to kiss her. When he pressed her on the seat with one hand, he went deep into it, grabbed her tongue and plundered her wantonly, and they breathed together. His strong kiss was like a kiss of seven meat and eight vegetables, where he wanted to ask what Zhao Zhen had said to him. Do you want to take a shower first? After entering the door, he asked. No, you wash first. "Oh, I'll take a shower first." "Go." Ji Huai sat on the sofa, holding a cigarette in his bony hand, taking a hard puff and spitting it out, surrounded by blue smoke. After smoking a cigarette, he crushed the end of the cigarette into the ashtray. When he was taking a bath in the bathroom, the sound of running water came from inside. He sat quietly for a while, Nail production machine ,nail manufacturing machine, stood up and went to the bathroom. She was washing her hair, and the foam mixed with the water blinded her, but she noticed someone coming in. Ji Huai? She gave a tentative cry. No one spoke at the other end, but she felt a little hairy in her heart. She subconsciously moved to one side and reached out to pull the towel on the shelf. However, as soon as her hand touched it, she was hugged by someone. She was so frightened that she almost screamed, but smelled the familiar smell of the man. Ji Huai. Ji Huai did not speak, but his arms were tightly around her slender waist. She didn't know what was wrong with him. She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't open them at all. After a while, Ji Huai slowly released her. His gentle hand helped her wash away the foam on her head and wiped the water stains around her eyes so that she could open them. As soon as he opened his eyes, he bumped into Ji Huai's deep eyes. I'm taking a shower. Why did you come in? Ji Huai looked at her open and closed lips, reached out and gently pushed her to the wall behind her, because the shower had been open for a long time, the surrounding walls had been warmed by the heat, pinched her chin with his hand and kissed it. He held the back of her head with one hand, nibbled her lips gently, and reached in when she opened her lips slightly. There was a faint smell of tobacco in his mouth, and his tongue was entangled with each other.
The temperature around him was getting higher and higher, and it seemed that he was no longer satisfied with it. As he kissed her, he took off his clothes until they were close to each other. He grabbed her waist with both hands and lifted her up forcefully, and she was picked up by him in the air, and her legs consciously encircled his waist. When she was hit by his strong impact, if not for his hand to support her back, she really felt that her back would be worn out. After the end, both of them were exhausted, but Ji Huai seriously helped her to wash her body clean, and he washed her casually before he carried her back to the bedroom. As soon as she got into bed, she rubbed directly into bed like she had no bones, regardless of her half-wet hair. Ji Huai was afraid that she would sleep like this and have a headache when she got up tomorrow morning, so he let her lean on his arms and wipe her hair with a towel. When she leaned on Ji Huai's body, her eyes opened and closed for a while, as if she were fighting against the Duke of Zhou, but she still did not resist the call of the Duke of Zhou, so she fell asleep in Ji Huai's arms. Listening to the steady breathing of the Huai people, Ji Huai remembered what Zhao Zhen had said to him before. It turned out that she had had such a hard time in those years he didn't know. It turned out that she had once sneaked out of the hospital after she fell off the stage, he said, seven days after her accident. At that time, everyone was worried. Later, she went back by herself. No one would know who she went to see that day. When she came back, she was like a different person. She didn't talk to anyone. Her condition deteriorated badly. Then she went abroad on the third day. She didn't take anything about him. At that time, Ji Huai seemed to have been hit with a stick, which brought not blurred dizziness,High Speed Nail Making Machine, but unspeakable sobriety. He remembered that day when Guan Xiyue persuaded her family to stop making trouble, and when she left, she asked him if he could hug her. 3shardware.com
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