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The original doppelganger (13th Jan 23 at 1:34am UTC)
"There is no cure except a panacea or an evil skill," said the old Yin and Yang monster. "Master," said Song Liangli, "what do you say?" "Ten thousand years of Ganoderma lucidum or ginseng essence should be effective," said the old monster of Yin and Yang. "The rest is extraordinary work. I have a set of blood drinking exercises, and I drink a bowl of human blood every day. It can be practiced immediately, and after a hundred days, it can be accomplished. Of course, it can also lead to ghost possession, be active in the nothingness, and become a zombie power. Which one does she like? Song Liangli frowned and said, "It's terrible. I wonder if she would like to." The old monster of Yin and Yang laughed and said, "Every man for himself, the devil take the hindmost!" He got up and drew out the secret book from the books on the wall. He threw it to Song Liangli and said, "Go!"! The good way is here! My achievements all depend on this "Supreme Demon Sutra", the positive work has been unable to use, then the heart demon, the body demon draws out, is still extremely powerful! Drinking human blood does not necessarily kill people, but it can also be bought! Song Liangli looked at the secret book of the "Supreme Demon Sutra" and felt a lot. Is it not evil to seek blood and practice martial arts without knowing it? But there is always a chance, so say goodbye and leave. The old monster of Yin and Yang smirked and said, "If you drink blood for a few days, you can recover your strength. Who wouldn't do it?"? The practice of Buddhism and Taoism is all the art of self-deception! If I am honest! Laugh heartily and wait to see the result. Song Liangli quickly rushed back to the horizontal and vertical tea shop and explained the situation. Heng Zu Dao Ni took the secret book of the "Supreme Demon Sutra." With joy on his face, he said, "Can it really restore one's power?" Turn it over carefully, the pattern is like a ghost, and the practice technique is even more bizarre. "Maybe,precision welded tubes," said Song Liangli, "but if you want to drink human blood.. Aren't you afraid? I was surprised to see her look happy. "There is nothing in the form," he said with a smile. "Isn't it enough to regard blood as plain boiled water?" "But if you want to be picked or smoked," said Song Liangli, "it would be terrible.." "Who says you want to use this method? Of course, you want to find someone who is willing. Since you have a lot of blood on your body, donating it to those who need it is a merit for you. If we want to use it, we want to find someone who is destined to help us. It is also a bond!"! Don't let the virtual phase be confused. Song Liangli said, "I thought it was bloody, but I took it for granted when you said it." "When you know the Buddha and understand the Tao,stainless steel 304 pipes, you will understand," he said with a smile. "All right," said Song Liangli, "if you don't mind, you can practice. If you want blood, I'll ask the disciples of Shenxiao to see if anyone wants to donate." "Thank you very much," said Daoni. So he read the "Supreme Demon Sutra" in detail. Intuition This exercise technique is special. Breath does not come from the Dantian, but from the heart. As long as the blood vessels are forced to move, another force will be generated, or it can make up for the destruction of the Qihai acupoint. It has been practiced slowly. In order to help him recover, Song Liangli immediately returned to the Shenxiao Palace and released the news. All the believers were enthusiastic and volunteered to donate blood. Many of them did not necessarily want to help others, but wanted to donate blood to the child prodigy. Song Liangli was able to take blood for Hengshudaoni to practice. When waiting to drink blood, the horizontal and vertical Dao Ni drank easily, but Song Liangli's eyebrows jumped. Ru Mao's drinking blood was so chestnut that he always looked at it as nothing, but his strength was not enough, so he simply did not look at it. Half a month has passed in a hurry, and the horizontal and vertical Daoni has already practiced 40% of his kungfu. Every time he moves to the heart, his blood is surging, and it drives his strength. His kungfu has shown signs of recovery. The only disadvantage is that the blood is floating, stainless steel tube 304 ,aluminium coated tubes, which makes people's temper unstable, and if they drink too much blood, they will become addicted, always fantasizing about what kind of people's blood is better to drink. Heng Shu Dao Ni knew that the demon had arisen, and immediately meditated away, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable. She finally found that if she did not have enough strength to practice this skill, she was afraid that she would be possessed by the devil and become a blood-eating killer. It was really risky. Ten days later, not only did Heng Shu Dao Ni recover from his sword wound, but also the Ru Xue Yi Gong gradually took effect. When he worked from the heart pulse, his strength became stronger and stronger, he clapped his hands fiercely. Still able to split wood and break bricks, the only regret is that it can't gather work in the Dantian, and I'm afraid it will be effective to practice Fang Xiong for many days. Anyway, Downey noticed that his hair was suddenly growing very fast. Looking carefully, he found that his hand hair and tender beard were also very green. He secretly wanted to laugh. Don't really want to become an ape. If so, he would have to shave it off every day. She continued to practice martial arts, in addition to luck, even the "Magic Sutra Sanjue Style" also began to practice, both offensive and defensive, should be excellent martial arts. In the second watch. She still drank blood as usual, and poured it cleanly in a big bowl.
She had already chosen to drink it at night to avoid being discovered, but it gradually spread from the disciples of Shenxiao, who were responsible for monitoring it. However, when the martial arts of Hengshudaoni were abolished, the two of them peeped in the distance all the time. They also saw that Song Liangli was busy going in and out, so they could guess that it must be related to the treatment of injuries. But as long as the target was not lost, the two of them simply ignored it, and everything would be dealt with when the master came. However, after hearing the news of Ru Xue's practice, both of them felt nervous, especially Wu Nian could not accept it at all. The two of them finally took advantage of the night to sneak into the inner courtyard of the bed and spy on it in person. Suddenly, they saw the nun drinking blood with relish. They were so frightened that they saw demons and ghosts. The nun could not bear it. She suddenly appeared and shouted, "You are really the reincarnation of a demon!" The sword stormed past. Unrepentant, he also rushed forward to attack. Seeing this, Hengshudaoni was astonished and said, "Why are the two Younger Martial Sisters here?" Seeing the arrival of the sword, the situation was extremely anxious, and one of the three unique weapons of the Demon Sutra, "Soul Forcing Heaven and Earth", suddenly hit it. The trumpet rang several times, and the sword slanted back. He looked at his hands in amazement. Did he really recover his strength? Unrepentant: "Her martial arts are useless at all!"! Sister, be careful. "Ru-blooded demon," said Wu Nian, "you must destroy her!" Attack again with both sharp swords. Heng Shu Dao Ni dodged hurriedly and said, "Younger Martial Sister misunderstood me. Although it's blood, it's someone else's donation. It's like medicine.". Think of it as snake blood. You two must not be so terrible. I am healing, and I have no evil thoughts. How could Shuangni believe this? The Rainbow Sword was so fierce, especially the Wunian Nun. She was originally kind and simple, but she really hated it. So when she killed her, she was much more fierce than she didn't regret. She didn't regret that she realized that Younger Martial Sister's martial arts were not inferior to her own, but she was born kind. Although Shuangni attacked fiercely, it was a pity that the moves he used had already been learned by Hengshudaoni, so he had lost the first chance. Every time he wanted to go, he was immediately turned away. It was not easy to control the opponent for a while. However, he felt that the more he fought, the more his blood was floating, and he felt that it was not easy to control. That dares to fight for a long time, suddenly splits out the strong move "the demon God all burns", the vigor violent place, roars the wind to make. Bah! Two strong split double Ni,beam impact tubes, each bounce off. Unsteady on his feet, he fell to the ground and managed to climb up: "Let's go!"! If we continue to fight, I'm afraid we'll kill you by mistake! 。 cbiesautomotive.com
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