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Emperor Group: Tame the Iceberg Husband + Fanwai (13th Jan 23 at 1:36am UTC)
"Bastard!" Bila was furious. "Move that stone away.." He pointed to the stone door, which had not moved at all, and shouted at the people behind him. Rong Haoen looked at the towering rockery and quickly headed to one side. Bila saw Rong Haoen climbing up and climbed up behind him. "Two princes." "The three princes." As soon as the attendants behind him saw the actions of the two princes, they were stunned and frightened, while on the other side, Desmons had already arrived with a large number of people. What's the matter? What the hell is going on? As soon as he saw the smoke billowing behind the rockery, he was stunned, his heart as if he had been hit by a heavy drop, and his body stiffened. "Father, it seems that there is a fire behind the rockery." Said the eldest Prince Antioch, standing to one side, to Desmond. Desmons felt his heart stop and directed his trembling fingers to the people around him: "Quick.." Hurry up Why don't you put out the fire? Go. If you can't put out the fire, I'll kill you. He yelled at them, "How did this happen?"? Who's gonna find this place? Ryan. Nope Ryan. Desmond saw the figure of Rong Haoen climbing up and shouted at the people around him: "Quick.." Go and protect the three princes, go. The attendant beside him hurriedly climbed towards the figure on the rockery. Ruoyu, Ruoyu.. You must not have anything, if you have something, how should I face Ryan, how should I explain to him. Enter the big ending tomorrow ~ oh also. (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) Works Related Final Chapter Ou Chenxu's Visit (Huaxia Library www.hxsk.net) I.. I The second princess mumbled, looking at Bila and then at Antioch, unable to speak. [WW w. H Xs K. Net of Huaxia Library] Why don't you say it? He's secretly recruiting, and he's working with that Obelle to plan this conspiracy. You shut up, me and Obelle? Obelle is lying here now. Do you dare to say I am with her? Bila, in a fit of rage, seized Antioch and dragged him toward the man lying there. "That's your own fault, no wonder others." I made a mistake? How can I not make a mistake to kill you. You come here, you say it to me now, say it right now. Bila grabbed the second princess and pulled her in front of the corpses. The second princess was so frightened that her face was ashen and she cried and shouted. I said.. I say Andres told me that he had found the mother of the third prince, and he wanted to put her under house arrest so that the third prince could leave, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact beams, and then he wanted to burn the place down and blame the second prince. Then he can rest easy. The second princess spoke intermittently, her voice trembling. You crazy woman, when did I tell you this. You crazy woman. Antes went crazy and rushed to the second princess, but was blocked by Bila. Bila smiled contemptuously, and then the second princess continued: "Only, he saw the third prince slipped out of the bedroom, toward the imperial garden, so he changed his decision, one does not do two endlessly, want to let their mother and son disappear in this world forever, in case the father is not reconciled, so he ordered people to set fire to the two princes together inside, but also broke the switch of the stone door." Let them go in and out, but he did not expect that the three princes had not had time to go in, only an Obelle. You two.. You two sing together, father, don't believe them, she is his wife, of course, to help him speak. Andres pointed at the second princess and said angrily.
"Big brother, now you know she's my wife." Why didn't you remember she was my wife when you were in her bed? Bila's blue eyes were full of bloodthirsty danger, and she showed no mercy to Antioch. You.. What did you say As soon as Bila's words fell, all the people behind him stared in horror. They had heard that there was a woman outside the prince, but they could not imagine that the woman was their sister-in-law. As soon as the second princess heard Bila's words, she immediately covered her face and cried bitterly. Bila, how could he let her be a human being? She covered her face and ran out of the stone door, and the princess standing there looked incredulous. She walked up to Andres in despair and looked at him as if she had never seen him before. She could tolerate that he had a woman outside, but she could not tolerate that the woman was his uncle's wife? "Wife." Andres looked at the princess in front of him with a tearless look. "Shameless-" the princess raised her hand, slapped Antoine in the face, and went outside without looking back. "Wife.." Wife You beast. Antius took out all his anger on Bela, and he threw himself at him, and the two men fought. Desmons, on the other end,side impact door beams, frowned in pain, covering his chest with one hand and gasping for breath: "Stop.." Stop.. He shouted weakly, and the man slid slowly down against the princess. "The Sultan.." "The Sultan.." "Father." "Big Brother." 。 cbiesautomotive.com
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